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BeoLab 17

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BeoLab 17 is a wireless speaker that delivers a harmonious sound and expression, regardless of its placement.

The ability to place BeoLab 17 wherever you want opens up for exciting new ways of living with sound. It fits in or stands out. You decide.

A new wireless speaker platform based on the innovative WiSA technology that takes wireless audio performance to a whole new level with unprecedented, robust sound quality. WiSA operates in the uncongested 5 GHz wireless U-NII frequency spectrums that are unaffected by interference from conventional wireless networks. Combine that with superior 24-bit, uncompressed audio quality – and it will completely redefine your perception of wireless sound. With Immaculate Wireless Sound, all you need is a single power cable and BeoLab 17 will find and connect to any nearby WiSA-compliant TV or A/V receiver, regardless of whether it is Bang & Olufsen or not.