Beolit 15

Beolit 15

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Powerful Bluetooth Speaker With Up To 24 Hours Of Battery.


Powerful Sound All Around.

Beolit 15 features our True360 omnidirectional sound, which lets everyone enjoy equally good sound no matter where they are, or where in the room you put the Beolit 15. And with 240 watts of peak power, there is enough sound to fill even larger rooms.

Play It Your Way

It's easy to connect Beolit 15 to your music source. Whichever you choose, setup is quick and easy


The speaker grid is made from anodized pearl-blasted aluminum, and the holes have been intricately punched out - and carefully positioned to allow the optimum sound dispersion. The anodizing –  protects the aluminum from scratches, corrosion and gives the perfect surface for adding colour. 

Tactile Controls.

Most of the time you will probably control Beolit 15 using your favorite devices. However, on the top of the speaker you will find four control buttons, two of which light up when in use. The buttons control the power (on/off), activate Bluetooth and adjust the volume up and down.

Full Grain Leather.

The handle on the Beolit 15 is made from premium full-grain leather – carefully selected for just the right feel and perfectly positioned to avoid the speaker from “wobbling”, when carried around. As it ages the leather takes on a unique patina.

Up To 24 Hours Without A Break.

Beolit 15 has a unique Adaptive Power Management system that both monitors and anticipates the audio signal in order to minimise battery consumption. This means that the rechargeable Li-ion battery plays for up to 24 hours when the volume is at a normal listening level. 

To save battery, the Beolit 15 powers down when the Bluetooth has been inactive for 15 minutes.

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