I want to share something with you

The older the person, the longer their story.  So, here is the Coles notes version of my story (so far).

In 1983 I started selling Apple products, the Apple IIe to be exact.  I was excited about the creative opportunities the technology provided.

In 2000,  we started NeuralNet Interactive, an Apple Specialist that is dedicated to finding the right solutions for our clients.  Eventually, we started adding other product lines that had the same emotional response as Apple did for me in '83.

In October 2017, we split the store, NeuralNet Interactive, and James Frost Luxury Outfitters.  

NeuralNet Interactive is your specialist for everything Apple.  The store will move to a newly renovated Horizon Computers this fall.

James Frost Luxury Outfitters sells curated products from Bang & Olufsen, Big Green Egg, Elipson, Google, Leica Optics and Lutron.  Our goal is to help make good moments better.   It's the cherry on top.  Our model for retail is different in the sense that we focus on one brand in a specific area.  We concentrate on telling the story of the companies we represent, instead of treating products as commodities.  We are blessed to be able to be connected to these iconic companies. 

Today, we add Gocycle to our product lines. They share our passion that e-bike should be elegant, desirable, a joy to live with & fun.  We are excited to share their story with you.

Alan, Len & I look forward to seeing you.


James Frost