Our Next Chapter

First, I want to say a big thank you to our customers. You are amazing, and we are blessed have so many people understand what we are doing. We continue to focus on experiencing life instead of focusing on likes. It's okay (and healthy) to take some time for yourself.

That's what led us to SEVENFRIDAY. SEVENFRIDAY is a brand built on the foundations of taking that leap of faith, one aimed at challenging the 'norm' and creating alternatives. The name captures what the whole lifestyle is about - by having fun, enjoying life, and living every day as if it's a Friday.

Ditch the complications on your nagging smartwatch and experience the joy of a timepiece that makes you feel good. We are excited about our partnership with SEVENFRIDAY, selling their watches, sunglasses & bracelets. Visit us on Ave B., or online and discover why you should be living every day like it's Friday.

Alan, Len & I look forward to seeing you.



James Frost