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BeoSystem 2500 & BeoLink 1000


- BeoSystem 2500
- BeoLink 1000
- Power Cable

Manufactured: 1991 - 1994
Designer: David Lewis
Condition: Good Used Condition

Tradition had it that music systems should be recognized at such. However, not so at Bang & Olufsen. In spite of its size, the Beosystem 2500 featured operation and performance on a level that compared with larger B&O audio systems. And adding to the magic of the fascinating new sound experience at the time of its introduction, was the way that the smoked glass doors slid open the instant the beams are broken by a wave of your hand - revealing the controls beneath.

Beolink 1000 was the first remote control unit in the world designed to provide common access to both hi-fi systems and TV and video units. Programming like a magic wand, Beolink 1000, via its elegant an logical keypad, transmits your every instruction. It allows you to move from CD to TV, from radio to video, from record player to cassette recorder.